A Review of the Hybrid Photobook by Album Envy

A Review of the Hybrid Classic w/ Foil Stamp

The first thing I noticed when opening up the cover the Album Envy Custom Photobook, Hybrid Classic, was the sturdiness of the cover. However, it seemed to also retain a certain grace. Given that the photobook was handmade in the US accounts for its durable construction and artistic flair.

The paper type was "Lustre". It's not so much a paper as it is a very thick, but bendable page, which felt like it was gloss coated. The image was clear, sharp and in focus, with the detail of the wedding ring appearing with a close sharpness.

The cover itself is a linen grey - looking closely at it reveals a fine textured detail that looks very professional and beautiful. I can't tell if a glue was used, but there's no evidence of any mishaps in the spine, no glue running over, no low tolerances from the factory causing pages to be off-centered - everything is just perfect with the photobook.

Opening up to the actual photo album itself, the pages are visually stunning - the photobook lays flat perfectly, showing a wide panaroma across two full pages. The effect is very satisfying, and makes turning the pages a surprise that delights. It's a great thing in this day and age, everyone has 3 devices, but being able to sit next to someone and physically hold a book with beautfiul images and look at them together, has its place and always will.

It's nice having a memoir in one book of things that are important to me. I actually prefer the look and feel of a real photobook as opposed to just swiping through images on a phone screen. I think I would have easily paid times two the price of what I paid for this album just judging by its visual presentation alone. A photobook like this does not come from the likes of any convenience store or mass retailers - it only comes from the personal, hands-on, one on one attention of someone handmaking it with great care and precision.

The images in this photobook each show a memory from the wedding, and its nice to see the faces of these people printed on a page. It means they will last, and I won't lose them, they won't get deleted or misplaced. The photobook itself looks great on our coffee table, and is light enough to hold in one hand while I flip through the pages of the photobook with the other.

This book has about 100 pages, but I know the Album Envy process was very customizeable and I know there's options for different size photobooks, smaller, larger etc. photobooks with different colors, etc. The inset option of having an image right on the cover was considerable, but we ended up opting for a single color with embossed lettering, which looks nice.

Overall, I'm really happy with the way the photobook turned out. What we got is a really nice centerpiece for the room which going to last a long time. I don't think I would change any of the options I got for this photobook initially, and it brings some character to the room to be able to see these wonderful photos from our wedding and share it with friends when they come over.

- A Happy Album Envy Customer