All About Slip-In Photobooks

All About Slip-In Photobooks - The Heirloom and Euro by Album Envy

Why Slip-In Photo Albums?

For many, the appeal of a Printed Photobook, with the images permanently printed on a page, appeals to you. For others however, the freedom and ability to insert your own prints may be preferable. Maybe you want to have the option of replacing your own images at will into a photobook. To do this, you’ll need a slip-in photobook album.

What are Slip-In Photobooks?

A slip-in photobook album typically comes with pockets inside the page in which you can insert a number of preset size images, for instance 4x6” being a popular size. This gives you large amount of customizability in selecting which images you want in your photobook and also in what order, giving you a great experience in custom photobook design.

What Sizes and Capacities Are Available for a Custom Slip-In Photobook?

You can choose between multiple sizes and capacities, as well as selecting the overall size of the photobook itself - for a large design, you might consider a product such as Album Envy’s Heirloom - for a smaller design, choose the Euro.

As always, Album Envy’s premium custom photobook are designed with luxury in mind, featuring beautiful linen colors that are sure to impress, as well as having the capacities you want. For more information on sizes and capacities for the Euro and Heirloom Slip-in Photobooks, you can read more information here:

Are There Any Pros and Cons to a Slip-In vs. a Printed Photobook?

A printed photobook does give a larger use of the page, as it can fill basically the entire page. There also is a noticeable quality difference, being that an image on a printed photobook page is going to be a higher resolution and quality than something that you may be printing at home or from a 1 hour photo service. Obviously the paper quality itself will be much higher from a premium custom photobook company such as Album Envy. 

Another noticeable trait of slip-in photobooks vs. custom printed photobooks is that the slip-in photobooks are slightly smaller than some of the high-end options that come in the printed photobook. If you are looking for an absolutely top quality experience with a hefty photobook that comes in a larger size (such as a photobook that needs to fill space on a coffee table), you will definitely want to consider a printed photobook over a slip-in photobook.

However, if you are more of a scrapbooking type, and you enjoy the freedom of being able to not only use your own prints, but re-arrange them or change your mind about the order of photos that you select, you will want to go with the Slip-in option. Just keep in mind that the size of the photobook might be slightly smaller than what you might expect from a high-end printed photobook, depending on the size of the photobook you select and the size of your prints.