Custom Photobook Options

When you’re shopping for custom photobooks online, you need to be choosy. With many options on the market, you want to settle for only the best. That means the best covers for photobooks available, premium-grade photographic paper, affordable shipping, and a commitment to the best possible quality.


Album Envy brings to the table a plethora of specialized options to the table, including color images on the front cover, hardcover, multiple capacities, ample color sections, and extra add-ons, such as embossing and slip-in pages where you can use your own prints for a photobook (instead of a printed photobook). There’s a fine line to be drawn when it comes to quality vs. value, and in this case the price points are just right for these luxury, premium-grade custom photobooks.

The Photobook is a practical, straightforward photo album, coming stock with a linen cover and high-quality lustre paper. It comes in a 5x5 size all the way up to 9x6. The color options for the Photobook are black, chestnut, marsala, navy, red, and teal. The great thing about the Photobook is obviously being able to customize the print sizes and select a capacity. If you’re looking for a solid starter option that will last you through the ages, the Photobook is your album of choice. 

The Hybrid combines a lay-flat design with linen and leatherette options. Once again, Album Envy does not disappoint with absolute premium quality professional-grade paper and stunning color balance. There is a Hybrid Cameo option where you can feature a photo right on the cover in a square design inset on the cover. If you’re looking for an option that really stands out with a “wow” factor, this is the custom photobook for you.

Lastly, the Album is the most expensive option offered by Album Envy. It comes in several different options including Cameo (featuring a small square photo section on the front cover) as well as Acrylic, which is an option for featuring the entire cover with a full image that covers the whole front of the photobook! The perfect choice for an all-out gift that leaves nothing to be desired. For the minimalist, there is also a plain solid-color cover option, for a subtle unstated beauty.

All of these custom photobooks feature embossing, for custom “engraving” of text into the actual cover of the photobook itself. The great thing about photobooks is that there is no time of year where they aren’t a great idea - weddings, graduations, vacations, special events, a gift for a loved one -- they can fulfill the need for any occasion which will be a memorable one. Furthermore, unlike many gifts that can wear out or be forgotten about, the photobook is one that will always have special meaning, as well as look great on a bookshelf or coffee table for years to come.