Ideas For Your Next Custom Photobook

If you’ve ever wondered about some ideas for your next photo album, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. From graduations to weddings, back to school to summer vacations, there is no bad time to muse over what events you can bring to life within a premium quality photobook.

Back to School

From loved ones to little ones, you can’t go wrong with a photobook that sums up the best of the summer. But what about back to school? This can be a great time to catch those deals and buy a photobook that highlights the progress of your student. A commemorative photobook will capture a special moment in time that you may not have a chance to capture again. 

A back to school photobook can be a great idea, with cover customizations, custom colors, and sizes to match any need you have for your photobook collection. You can be sure it will stand the test of time being that its printed on professional grade paper. If you needed different capacities for example, this is something that Album Envy offers as well.

End of Summer

Did you go on a vacation this summer? Do anything fun with the family? Even if you enjoyed a nice stay-cation, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying how you spent your time with others, and nothing beats a good photobook to have a permanent fixture for your coffee table or custom photobook collection.

It goes without saying that each summer is a precious time - use that time wisely and plan some events with your family. If you had a family event, get-together, or even just took a day to the beach, these could make a great photo set for an album. You won’t regret it. Don’t let the moment pass - collect your finest prints and then have them preserved forever in a custom photobook.

How A Physical Photobook Beats A Digital Photo Album

We’ve all heard of the pros and cons of having a physical photobook vs. a digital photo album, such as on your smartphone. The truth is, there are benefits and drawbacks to each. However, let’s explore some of the ups and downs of both.

First, a smartphone album will have a smaller (in some cases tiny) screen - and it also doesn’t pack the same punch as a premium, hardcover photobook. If your goal is to show someone that you care, a printed quality photobook will say that much better than “hey, look at my phone”. It shows that you spent time on the person and care about them. A smartphone’s advantage is that obviously you can change photos as quickly as swiping a screen.

A physical photobook is the ultimate expression of appreciation for someone. Not only do they get something tangible - a physical object that they can hold and see - but that something is built to last. A custom photobook looks great on a coffee table, a bookshelf, and is itself a standalone item whose sole purpose is to be appreciated. While it will take up space, in a well-designed room it becomes part of your layout and can even add energy to a room, or make a tablespace complete.

For more information on premium custom photobooks, view Album Envy’s products here!