Photo Album Design Tips for Beginners

Spread Design Example

DIY album design doesn't have to be hard. Follow these basic tips for designing photo books and even beginners can create beautiful album layouts like the pros.


Keep it Simple
Try not to overcrowd your pictures. It may be tempting to try and put as many photos as you can on one page, but remember, sometimes less is more, and too many images can become distracting.

Simple Wedding Album Design

Create a Focal Point
Choose one image to catch the eye, and make it larger than the rest of the photos supporting it in the layout.

Tips for photo book design: Create a Focal Point

Vary Your Spreads
Try to mix up your layouts to create a variety for the viewer. Utilizing the same layout multiple times in the album is fine, but try scattering it out through the course of the design. Placing a full-page photo on one side of your spread next to a smaller, bordered photo on the other page is another great way to create variation, and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Tips for photo book design: Vary your spreads

Tell a Story
Even if the viewer wasn’t present, your album layout should tell a story, making them feel as if they were. This will also to help you come back to that particular moment later, allowing you to relive the memory over and over again. Chronology will work best here, try to keep the order of events in sequence to create a natural flow to the story you’re trying to tell.

Tips for photo book design: Tell a Story