Photography Tips For Your Photobook

Photography shouldn’t have to be tough - you can create professional quality images for your photobook easily and quickly, and using no more than a smartphone. While professional photographers do indeed use high-quality equipment (often in the form of a solid DSLR camera), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get the same-level results - or in many cases better results - than these photo pros.

While there are plenty of guides out there that talk about the higher concepts of photography equipment - shutter speed, aperture, exposure etc. this guide will simply point out some of the basics that you should be incorporating into your photo-taking process.


The first tip is lighting. Whether you are taking photos for a vacation, a wedding, a party - the important thing to remember is that the better the light you have, the better. Most smartphones these days are continuously getting better and better in terms of the quality of the camera that they come shipped with, so it should be easy to simply use the automatic settings and take great quality photos with that.

Sometimes it can be as simple as opening a window, a door, turning a lamp on or off etc. in order to be able to get that really great shot. Changing the stance or standing place of a subject can also be a great way to help ease shadows and make sure the camera is able to capture really nice-looking colors and focus of the subject.

Where To Take The Photo?

It’s easy to take a photo -- but taking a great photo can be a matter of timing, patience, and of course - scene and setting. You might be at the beach, and maybe you want to grab a shot of your family against the beautiful ocean. So, doing some quick planning for the shot - what you want to have in the shot, be it some measure of the beach, maybe looking side-ways at the subject instead of just plain in front of the ocean - can be a great way to include some of the scene/setting that can make a good photo into a great one.

Scene and setting certainly play a part, but oftentimes changing simply the angle or elevation of the camera can be enough to completely change the energy and feel of a photograph. Think about how you will want the image to look in a photobook - are you going for an action shot, a calm shot, or simply looking to snap on the go? Thinking about these things in advance while taking a photo can be a great way to heighten the quality of the end result image.


Spontaneity can play a great role in photo taking -- sometimes a perfectly timed moment can eclipse even the best timed shot. A moment of humor, the family having fun playing around a volleyball court, a pie in the face -- any of these can be a great moment to capture to remember forever. 

Using App Shortcut Placement

It’s important to always have that camera ready before a shot - in many cases putting the camera app onto a screen of your phone where you will have easy access to it, such as in the shortcut bar on your phone’s home screen, can be a great way to ensure you’re never out of the loop when a good moment comes.

Ultimately, how you take photos is up to you - but by following some of these simple tips, you can be sure to get the best possible image for your custom photobook.