Put It In Print - Preserve Your Memories!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless.

Today, nearly everyone has a phone with a camera in their pocket or purse, and we rely on those devices to store our special moments. It's great when you want to quickly show off a photo of your dog to someone next to you in the dentist office waiting room, but we miss out on the basic idea of WHY we take photos in the first place.Photos capture moments in time and help us relive those moments ourselves and share those moments with others, now and in the future.

When we rely on whatever is the technology of the day (floppy disks, hard drives, CDs/DVD, thumb drives, device storage, cloud storage) we're forgetting that technology is constantly evolving, and although it may seem like we know how to access our picutres today, we really aren’t doing much to preserve those memories for the future - do you still own a VCR or 8-track player? And let's face it, we really aren't logging-in and enjoying our digitally stored photos either. We tend to post and forget.

A printed photo album will never need special equipment to view it. It will never be forgotten along with your password. A picture book can be kept on the coffee table, enjoyed at will, and requires no batteries. We all know the sense of nostalgia and connection we feel when flipping through the old photo collections made by our parents and grandparents. A picture on a computer screen just can't replace a tangible book that archives our special moments to tell our stories. At Album Envy, we've committed to crafting our Photobook, Hybrid and Album to a higher standard of quality making them worthy as keepsakes you will treasure for a lifetime.