Resolutions for the New Year

New Year Resolutions 2019

You did it: you made it into the new year! With the holidays behind us (and a new year of events to look forward to), it’s always a good idea to check yourself and take stock of what’s to come. 52 weeks is plenty of time to make new memories, cherish the old, and set your course for the future.


  1. Planning Your Next Vacation: It’s never too early to start some practical fantasizing about your next getaway. Budgets may be limited, but your imagination doesn’t have to be - start thinking about that place you’ve always wanted to visit, or those things you always wanted to do.


  1. Get Ready For Important Events: Every year holds new surprises, ups and downs, and hopefully your next dreams come true. With that in mind, it’s a great idea to prepare for those special events: graduations, parties, birthdays, and special occasions. Remember, it’s never a bad idea to keep that camera ready for memories you may want to preserve in a photo album.


  1. Spend More Time With Family: We all could use more time, right? Especially the best time of all: time spent with our loved ones. Make the most of what you have, but don’t be afraid to balance out your day to make room for those who matter most in your life.


  1. Decide What Memories To Keep: We get it - there’s way too many memories to even fit into one photobook. From baby’s first steps, to graduation, to mother’s day, father’s day, vacation, or even just snapshots of those little daily moments - it’s important to save these in a format that will last the test of time.


There you go: 4 ways you can ring in the new year with an eye towards the future. They say preparation makes perfect, so get out there and make the new year happen!




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