Special edition cover choices for your favorite Valentine







Valentine's Day Gifts

Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift can be fun and romantic, or stressful and uncertain. Whether in a new relationship or old, we want our partner to feel loved and be loved in return. That can be a tricky choice.

The solution? Make a photo book to win their heart! Anyone can buy chocolates or flowers, but a book of memories is a truly personal and one of a kind gift. There are so many themes that say I love you:

  • Pictures of just the two of you
  • Vacations you've taken together
  • Photos celebrating your sweetheart's accomplishments
  • Images of the people they love
  • The sweetness of all the dogs, cats, or other critters in their life






To help you make your love album exquisite we’re introducing limited-time Valentine cover options, available only through February 28, 2019. Take a look at these delicious colors and choose one for your new book. Photographs just can't do them justice!


For the Photobook:

Fairytale Pink Champagne
Fairytale is a gentle pink with the rich texture of handcrafted paper. It has a subtle sparkle from veining with ultra-fine glitter. Pink Champagne is Fairytale's twin brother. This warm pink-beige also has a fine line and glow from a delicate glitter effect.


For the Hybrid:


American Beauty Sweetheart
American Beauty is a fine textured linen fabric the smooth fuschia pink shade of it's namesake rose. Sweetheart is a fine textured linen fabric. It's sugary pink hue says I adore you! in any language.
Beloved Te-Amo
Beloved is a tone on tone brocade fabric the true red of a Valentine heart. The image can't do this pattern justice.* Te Amo is a rich sangria toned leatherette with the subtle and even texture of Emu hide. For the rugged yet gentle Valentine*


For the Album:


Mon Amour Passion
Mon Amour is a deep, glossy red, genuine leather. At home on any Paris runway.* Passion is a hot pink genuine suede. The luxurious touch is sure to warm any heart.*

* Foil imprinting is not available on these cover materials.