Twin boys - the hockey dynasty continues!

Couple Enjoying their Album

Samantha and Ray have had an exciting year. They had been trying to start a family for some time and were overjoyed to learn that Sam was expecting. And then even bigger news—they were having twins!

George and Brinton were born in April, and are healthy, contented babies. They were a gift for the whole family—the first grandchildren on Ray’s side and joining three girl cousins on Sam’s. The first twins in either family!

You can rightly describe Sam’s family as the ultimate Michigan hockey fans. She and her siblings all learned to skate practically as soon as they could walk. Ray played hockey as a kid, and the couple met while Sam’s dad was Ray’s team coach. Their engagement photos include shots of the couple in Red Wings’ jerseys on the steps of Joe Louis Arena. The custom names on their backs read Mr. Monahan and Mrs. Monahan.

So, it only follows that George and Brinton’s newborn photos feature a lot of red and white. In some shots, the boys are wrapped in Ray’s Mr. Monahan jersey, next to tiny hockey sticks.

Couple with Twins design their album

The couple’s photographer gave them their digital photos and recommended Album Envy as a way Sam and Ray could create their newborn album. They were pleased with how fast and easy it was to use Album Envy’s online design software. That’s a bonus when you have twins! They appreciated the full range of layout options--as Sam said: “you won’t make a cookie-cutter album.” To personalize, they added text captions with the boys’ names and birthdate.

Album with Twins on the Cover

The Monahans were surprised when the package arrived so quickly. It was a special moment when they opened their Album. Samantha cried, because she said, “It was so much more than I expected.” The acrylic photo cover paired with supple white leather was the perfect way to highlight their favorite picture of the boys.

Both she and Ray feel “it’s like holding a piece of art. This is way too pretty to put on a bookshelf—we want to keep it out all the time.” They took their Album to a family dinner the next evening, and it was a big hit with everyone. Their brother and sister-in-law, who recently married, now want to use Album Envy for their wedding pictures.

It looks like Album Envy is a new family favorite. Sam says that next April they plan to make a “Babies’ First Year” book, starting with ultrasound pictures and ending with the icing all over the boys’ faces. I can’t wait to see it!