Looking For A Wedding Photobook?

Looking For A Wedding Photobook? Choose These Custom Options

Choosing A Wedding Photobook For Style

Your memories are priceless - but your photobook options don’t have to be. Your special day deserves a special milestone moment - and what better way to celebrate it than a custom photobook, made your way, your style - ready to be cherished forever?

A printed photobook offers many advantages that a regular scrapbook just doesn’t have. First is the quality - when you’re printing on professional-grade paper, you’re getting an experience that cheaper photobooks just can’t provide. On top of that, a premium custom photobook will lay-flat - allowing you  to place that beautiful photobook on a table, desk, or any area where you want to be able to keep those memories closeby and in plain view.

Your style is as unique as your personality - show it off! With many custom options available - cameo, embossed, etc. - the sky is the limit and you can be as choosy as you like. Why not choose a cover in your favorite color, in a linen or leatherette material?

Overall, you’ll be impressed by the sheer amount of quality and options that are available with a premier custom photobook company, especially one who focuses on quality as a top element of its brand, rather than simply low prices.

Choose For Size


When it comes to size, you have a lot of options to consider. If you’re planning to have a coffee table photobook to commemorate your wedding, it makes sense to plan for your particular space and get a photobook that is going to fill the space, but not be too large. In these cases an 8x8 square or 8x10 photobook might be the perfect size to really fill a good table space that you might have.

If you have larger coffee table or space to fill, you might consider a larger photobook option, such as The Album, which comes in up to a 14x11” size. That’s a pretty hefty book, but will still be light enough to hold in your hands.

Ultimately, choose a photobook that seems to compliment your space, your requirements in image size, and overall feel of what you are looking for when buying a custom photobook online.

Choose For Material Options

A plethora of material options are available for the savvy photobook buyer. Choose between lustre or matte options for your pages, and a host of colors when selecting your linen cover material. Another option is to select the cameo, featuring an image directly on the front cover. And, don’t forget the embossing option to add that extra special touch to your photobook.

Don’t hesitate to get the dream photobook for your wedding that you’ve always wanted -- when you want the best, why settle for less? Cherish your memories forever.