Why Envy?

The Album Envy Difference

It’s easy to recommend products that we truly believe in. For us, Album Envy is a love story. Here’s why we know you’ll love them too…

Envy Print Quality

You deserve photo books as beautiful as those usually reserved for professional photographers.

Press Printed Example

Many books available to the public are printed in dots of ink, resulting in poor print quality.

Album Envy’s expert photobook manufacturers use gold-standard photographic printing on portrait-grade paper, ensuring your images display true-to-life colors and ultra-sharp clarity:

Photographic Printing


Envy Professional Construction

At Album Envy, most common upgrades are standard.

Page Thickness Comparison

Admire the modern, lay-flat construction—page spreads are not pinched in the center, letting your photos flow uninterrupted, edge-to-edge. Feel the quality of pages 5 to 10 times thicker than the average. Solid spines support the pages and keep your book from skewing over time. Lined covers and fly leaves in your Album add an extra layer of stability, protection, and elegance.

Envy Style

Choose from one-of-a-kind styles you won’t see anywhere else.

Album Cover Options

It’s OK to judge our books by their covers. Choose from a range of colors and materials including soft linens, rich leatherettes, and genuine leathers. Feature your favorite image front and center in a cameo frame, or in a Photo Panel or glossy Acrylic, both of which are paired with your choice of material wrapping the spine and back. This stylish and durable construction protects against wear and tear. You’ll find the perfect fit with our wide range of sizes, from stunning large display pieces to cute little brag books.

Envy Ease

Life keeps you busy. Our album building software is fast and easy to use – no experience necessary!


Let the auto-fill feature create your book, or use the drag & drop tools to tell your story. Make it unique with your choice of design templates, backgrounds, borders and text. Collaborate and share with friends, family, and community organizations. Finish with fast, secure online ordering, and quick production and delivery.

Envy Dedication

Good design demands great quality control.

Hand Crafted by Artisans

Our team has a passion for excellence. The artisans who craft your Album Envy books have decades of professional photographic experience. They give each book the white-glove treatment, so your order arrives defect-free, with a fit and finish that will make you smile. If you have any questions, our fantastic customer service personnel will ensure you love your Album Envy as much as we do.

Your photographs deserve the best—Album Envy delivers.